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Korea Fiber Art Forum

The Korea Fiber Art Forum(KFAF) consolidates leading artists in Korean fiber arts to organize symposiums, workshops in correlation to exhibitions. 


The objective of KFAF is to shed light on Korea’s creative endeavors using a wide range of fiber based materials.  The scope is broad from artistic narrative expressions to practical approaches that encompass function.  Through our events we hope to share the Korean culture with the rest of the world.  Our members are highly recognized in the field with an abundance of experiences.

The time is apt for showing Korean contents and we are currently working to plan a special exhibition on Korean fiber art for 2022. 


Hopefully the success of this exhibition will enable us to take it outside of Korea to show in other countries.

조직도 Organization

대표 장혜홍                                  President Chang Haehong

이사 최인숙(전통예술부분) Managing Director Choi Insook


이사 백문혜(국제교류부분) International Managing Director                                                                    Baik Moonhe


이사 조연주                                  Assistant Director Jo Yeonju

2022 전시

큐레이터 최윤정                        Curator Choi Yunjeong

인턴 김별                                       Internship Lucie Dietrich

GREETING Chang Haehong Chairperson of KFAF

We are very happy to hold the 2022 Korea Fiber Art Biennale for the first time at Art Space Gwanggyo in 2022. It is Suwon city museum of art and Suwon city, a cultural and artistic city, has a world heritage site, Suwon Hwasseong.


For more than 20 years, I have traveled around the world to promote Korean Fiber Art.

In particular, in order to expand the field of Korean Fiber Art, I made Korean Fiber Art internationally based on Suwon Hwasseong Fortress for more than 10 years, including the installation of wall installation art in Jangan park in Suwon during the 2002 world cup, Hwasseong Haenggung Place, and Manseok park project.


The Suwon International Bojagi Exhibition, which was held at the Suwon I’Park museum of art to mark the year of visiting Suwon in 2016, became an important opportunity to promote Korean Fiber art in the world.

Based on this, the Korean Fiber Art Forum was created on an international scale in 2021.

Now, the Korea Fiber Art Forum is conducting global activities with tis Korean headquarters in Suwon and its international headquarters in Louisville, USA.

The Korean Fiber Art Forum is held by craftsmen based on tradition and contemporary Fiber artists who express themselves in modern art. These artists will show their own outstanding individual talents about beautiful Korean Fiber art from the old tradition to modern times.

The Korean Fiber Art Forum will advertise its artistic value and great part of the Korean traditional fiber art. And we will continuous effort to support the artists living in the contemporary time for their positing in the global world.

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